I recently had the honor to be my best friend’s matron of honor. I was so excited to share that special day with her and to throw her some amazing parties! Unfortunately, my wallet and I had very different ideas on what the word “amazing” meant. I knew I wanted to throw her a Kate Spade shower (it was bright, fun, and preppy…just like her). Sadly, all my Pinterest searching led to $78 necklaces, $50 invitations, and $48 (?!) balloon sets. Cue the late night online shopping, thrift store searching, and penny saving!


I’m pretty lucky to have graphic designers as family and friends. But when I can’t take advantage of their talent I turn to Etsy. There are tons of designers willing to work with you to create the perfect invite for any occasion. I worked with Emily at EmilyRaeDesignStudio to create these awesome Kate Spade invites for the shower.

Kate Spade Invites

Emily made the invites a PDF file and I sent the file to a local printer (Big Picture in Terre Haute) that printed them on high quality paper. Total cost: $15 for the PDF file and $15 to print. You might be able to save even more by printing at home (but IMHO ink is EXPENSIVE!).


It was a challenge to find tablecloths that went with the theme. I really wanted a combo of black and white stripe and hot pink tablecloths. The most inexpensive ones I found were from of all places…$2.99 per tablecloth and they were surprisingly pretty durable (I even re-used the ones that looked brand new for another party).

Black and White Stripped Tablecloth

I ending up finding matching paper plates, napkins, and hanging decor on Walmart’s website too. I saved about 50% by shopping there versus the party supply stores I looked into.


Food and drinks are arguably the best and most important part of any bridal shower (aside from the bride of course!) so naturally they were the most expensive section of my shower budget. I believe I spent a total of $170 on the food (for 30-35 guests). At the end of the day I chose to go the homemade route. I made cupcakes and meatballs (Bride’s request) as well as ordered a sandwich tray from our local grocery store. I also set up a mimosa bar with champagne and various juices. My best advice for saving money in this area is coupon, utilize coupon apps like iBotta, and make what you can at home.

Mimosa Bar

The cupcake toppers were a splurge item I purchased from the Etsy shop AFancyHostess. I’m glad I bought them because people definitely talked about them! I will say if you have time and glitter it might a project you can do yourself to save more pennies.


Thankfully the internet is FULL of free bridal shower game ideas and prints. I decided on 2 free games. The first was a get to know you game called “2 truths and a lie” where everyone writes 3 facts about their relationship with the bride and/or groom; 2 are true and one’s a lie. The group has to guess which one is the lie. The person with the most correct guesses wins! It was a great way to introduce people to one another.

The second game was pretty simple and called “Who has the groom?”. Each guest picked up a sealed envelope when they first arrived. On my cue everyone opened them and inside was a picture of a man in a tux. I used a face-swap app so each envelope had a different person (iron man, Benedict Cumberbatch, Morgan Freeman, and Donald Trump to name a few) and the winner was the person who had the groom’s picture. Both games were fun, inexpensive, and easy to plan!

The prizes cost $8 total and were an absolute hit! I bought small jars from a local craft store and filled them with homemade sugar scrub. I tied the jars with a black, pink, and white polka dot bow and BAM! Cute, inexpensive, unique bridal shower gifts! Sorry, didn't snap a pic of these.


A huge shout out to my dad and stepmom who allowed me to use their house for the shower. They also helped get everything set up. It is always a bonus when you have a great support system helping you get the party together.

All-in-all I think the shower was exactly what the bride wanted…which is really what is most important. Be sure to listen to the bride’s requests and be flexible. Most importantly relax and have fun!

What types of bridal showers have you thrown? Any other ideas on ways fellow MOHs can save a few bucks while still planning fantastic showers? Let us know in the comments!

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Hi! I’m a 28-year-old newlywed and the cousin of The Sycamore Winery owners. Sarah invited me to guest write on the blog after recently planning my own wedding and being MOH in another. She also probably asked because I love a good glass of wine and I’m eager for the winery to open in 2017. In fact, I agreed to write for the blog because I am pretty sure this gets me free wine for life. Isn’t that right Sarah???